A lot of time, effort and stress are involved in selling a house.  Lack of knowledge and experience can cause a lot of mistakes for homeowners that could end up costing thousands of dollars.

Here is a list of common mistakes homeowners make while listing and selling their homes so you can avoid these blunders the next time you have a real estate transaction.

1. Wrong Asking Price.  Pricing the house too high may cause your house to sit on the market for a long time.  Listing the house at a very low price will make you lose a lot of money especially if your house has a much higher market value.

2. Neglecting the Presentation.  Buyers will get turned off or make a smaller offer if your house is not appealing to them.  Before putting the house on the market, make sure all necessary repairs are made and the house is in good condition.

3. Poor Promotion.  You’ll get a small number of buyers if your house is not well promoted.  Posting unattractive pictures and lack of exposure could lead to a real estate blunder.

4. Hiring an Unqualified Agent.  Getting a real estate agent doesn’t mean you’re house is in good hands.  Some agents lack experience and knowledge to transact well and homeowners are left without a proper presentation.